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how to set and reach your financial goals

How to Set and Reach Your Financial Goals

How to Set and Reach Your Financial Goals Each financial objective can be achieved if we set reasonable goals and use correct budgeting techniques. A comprehensive individual financial planning generally includes; investment planning, retirement planning, insurance planning, tax planning, and

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2020 Federal Income Tax Brackets

2020 Tax Brackets

2020 Federal Income Tax Brackets The IRS adjusted more than 60 tax provisions for 2020 annual inflation adjustments. These adjustments are generally used on tax returns filed on 2021.  2020 IRS Tax Brackets and Rates (for taxes due in April

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Economic Indicators

An economic indicator presents information on the phase of the overall economy. Economic indicators consist of data on an economy’s recent past activity or its current or future position in the business cycle. Leading indicators have pivotal moments that lead

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